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The knowledge base technology in Rake is highly searchable and each article is easy to share with your customer and employees to help them find the right answer, when they need it. This article shows three different options for sharing a knowledge base article about adopting a new pet.

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Today, let's talk about how to share an existing article and your knowledge base. So we have a few different methods we could use to share an article. So here we have a customer asking about adopting. So I have three different examples of how to share an article. The main way to search for articles would be to use the search knowledge base, and we can use our top articles to find the article. So I have adopt a dog as an article here. I can look through my different categories to find an article, or we could simply type in a word to search the entire knowledge base. So I'm going to search adopt. This allows me to search for the word adopt in the title or in the body of the article.
So here's my article I'd like to share. I can click copy and paste. I can also outside of using the knowledge base, I can save this link as a quick link here to have a quick link that would take me to my article and to share I could simply drag and drop it into the typing area, or I can create a quick message to have a perfect response along with my attached article. So these are the different ways that you can share an article. And the goal is for you and your workspace members to provide thorough information to the customers.

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