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Rake messaging platform includes a proactive messaging feature

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This video shows you how Rake provides workspace users live website visitor monitoring. Users can be alerted when someone lands on their website and see where the user is, how long they have been on the website and several other important data points. Rake users can click one button (INVITE) and begin a chat with a website visitor, much like saying hello to someone when they walk through the front door.

Video transcript recap
Today, let's talk about how to send an invitation to a web visitor. So here on my left, I have our workspace and on the right, I have a website with our widget. So let's start by going to our visitors tab here. And we can see that someone's currently on our website. So to send an invitation click invite, you could send any custom message, or you can use our quick message function located here with a lightning bolt. And you can have pre-written responses. You can attach images or files to these. So I'm just going to send a message here. So I have a pre-written response here and click enter, and you will send the invitation and message to the customer. So again, here on the right side, on my website, the customer, I was browsing my website and the widget opened up with my message. All that's left is for the customer to reply, sent a reply, and I have a desktop notification of a new message. And I'm also notified here that I have a pending message. You can also click go to jump straight to the conversation and reply to the customer.

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