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The modern sales team's secret weapon. Track website visitor through pages visited and over the history of their visits.

Web Visitor

How many website visitors have you missed?

When you consider the benefits of engaging with visitors on your website, or making it easier for customers and prospects to communicate with your organization, having the right tools in place is a smart thing to do. Run a web visitors check on your website and then have a look at these amazing engagement tools included in the Rake messaging platform.

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Live visitor details

When you or your team are chatting with someone using your website, you'll know the details needed to host a great conversation. Using the Rake desktop messaging platform you'll see the visitor's geographical location, and how long they have been on your website. You will know the previous visits count, if they are using a mobile or desktop device and you'll know their operating system. If you are using Rake in mobile or desktop, to chat with customers, you will know what web page the visitor is reading and their name, if previously identified.

Website visitor notifications

As marketers, you work tirelessly to drive visitors to your website. Just like the bell that rings when a guest enters a store, wouldn't it be great if you knew when a visitor arrived on your website? And, you had the tools to actively engage with that visitor in the moments they are shopping your site?
Wait no longer, Rake's live visitor monitoring includes real-time notifications about website visitors. Notification are available in desktop and mobile versions of Rake.

Proactive Messages

Proactive Messages

You may not always have the time or enough staff to engage with all website visitors. The Rake messaging platform comes with programmable messages that require no coding. These are 'Proactive Messages' and they appear in your website chat widget after a programmed event occurs. These events can be related to time duration or a specific page view or page scroll and many other options. They message will appear as if it was sent by someone of your team and provide your visitor the attention they deserve during a busy period in your day.

Check website visitor stats

Rake offers more than live website visitor notifications and details. Rake users can quickly see and review the details of website visits after the visitor has left your website. These same visit details are included in Rake reports. You can check website visitor stats. The Rake website visit reports are considered by many to be easier to read and understand than Google Analytics reports - dive in on your schedule and learn about your website visitors.

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Website visitor analytics

Each time someone visits your website, Rake records several data points and stores the information in easy to understand reporting. At your fingertips, you will have data about location, page name, duration, device, and much more.

Rake analytics and Google analytics are both free, so why is Rake better?

Rake believes in simplicity and Google analytics is anything but simple. Millions of people have tried Google analytics to help them understand what's happening on their website. After one session, they feel intimidated and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, they miss the opportunity to improve their website experience and ultimately their business because Google analytics takes too much of their time and is too complicated. Rake website visitor analytics is a great alternative to Google analytics. It is simple, easy to use and takes next to no time to learn and implement.

Just a few of the advantages you will enjoy when using Rake website analytics

  1. Realtime alerts when a website visitor arrives
  2. Without hosting a chat widget on your website, you can begin a conversation with your website visitors
  3. Identify your website visitors and learn more as they engage with your website in subsequent visits

Video demonstrations - Rake's website visitor monitoring and analytics

Future development
  • Rake will release more functionality related to referring mediums and sources
  • Rake will release improvements and deeper integrations with Google TAG manager

Everything Rake builds begins with simplicity, without that, we would be building technology you won't use

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

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